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Watermelon Cake

Birthday week in August! Four family members birthdays in one week, such a busy time… filled with cake, so it’s a good busy. If anyone has been following on instagram you’d know it’s been a sad week as well. So cakey goodness and kiddy joy in birthdays are welcome at this time. Onto the Watermelon […]

Durian Macarons / Icecream sandwich

Durian, the stinky fruit =). Some people love it, some people hate it. Luckily for me a a majority of my friends love durian. Whenever I think of how smelly durian is I always think back to when I visited Singapore. They had signs up in the train stations and in some taxis “No durian”, […]

Despicable Me Minion Craze

There was a bit of a minion craze last year after the hype of the despicable me 2 movie ( which I have watched way to many times now! I’d still watch it again :)). Some of our friends renamed it the minion movie which I suppose going by the minion craze that followed was […]

Chocolate cupcakes with toasted marshmallow frosting

I was closing the many tabs I had open on my tablet and saw that I had searched for a chocolate cupcake and toasted marshmallow frosting recipe. It must have been after I watched an episode of nerdy nummies or came across it on Pinterest. Whatever it was it had me thinking of cupcakes and […]

More Macarons: Pandan and Coconut flavour and Black Sesame

A couple of weeks ago we had a birthday gathering for K’s grandma. I’ve been meaning to try making pandan and coconut macarons for a while now but after the blitz of making heaps of macarons last year we where a little over eating macarons. I did a search online and came across so many […]

Simple Macarons

As part of our sweets making day I put up a picture of the fantastic macarons my friend taught me to make. We made purple/ lilac colored ones half choc peppermint and half choc passionfruit flavoured.   For the shells we need: 140g egg whites (room temperature 180g caster sugar (split into 2 seperate bowls) […]