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Watermelon Cake

Birthday week in August! Four family members birthdays in one week, such a busy time… filled with cake, so it’s a good busy. If anyone has been following on instagram you’d know it’s been a sad week as well. So cakey goodness and kiddy joy in birthdays are welcome at this time. Onto the Watermelon […]

Quick update

Our friend was trying to carbo load for an upcoming run so we made him waffles covered in melted Mars bar and crushed Oreo, served with triple choc ice cream and fresh strawberries.

Beschico – Epping

Beschico has been a frequent late night haunt for us, it’s an awesome place to get Korean fried chicken. The restaurant is situated across from Epping station, it has a large dining area comprised of booths on the side, sofas near the front of the restaurant and a regular table dining area in the middle. […]

My new toy!!

I can’t remember how long I’ve wanted a kitchenaid. It’s been a long time! I love using my sisters one and it’ll be fantastic next time I make macarons or I’ve been meaning to make a Japanese cheesecake which would be great! I’ve chosen almond creme. It was a toss up between this colour or […]

Momofuku Seiōbo at the Star: Pyrmont

June is birthday month in my family, 4 birthdays including K and my dads. Birthdays are the best times to try out somewhere new and special. This year I organised for us to go to Momofuku Seiōbo in The Star. Momofuku Seiōbo was awarded 3 hats in 2014 by the SMH good food guide and […]