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Mini Beanie charms

Its been so cold in Sydney this past week. I think there was some sunshine in between but you can never tell when you’re sick and trying to sleep. There’s a nasty bug going around and surprise surprise it paid me a visit too. On the upside, when I was up I got to crochet […]

Crochet Rose and Bow patterns

Another set of baby gifts, this time for 2 little girls. We were having a ladies catch up lunch and its been so long since we all caught up there have been 2 new additions to our little group. Since they were both girls I decided to make little hair accessories. I’d only seen a […]

Mr googly with his new roommate Odes

My friend Odes very happy to receive her new shaker bunny. If you would like to make this funny bunny see my free pattern here Enjoy! Penny

Googly Eyed Bunny

Monsieur googly eyes! He is still sitting at home waiting to go to his new home =) When Odes first showed me a picture of this bulgy eyed bunny, I thought it was very odd looking and frankly just weird but seeing him sitting on my couch the last week, I’ve reconsidered. He’s growing on […]

Introducing Monsieur googly eyes

Monsieur googly eyes, an egg shaped bunny. My friend Odes, requested very excitedly for me to make this odd looking bunny. She absolutely fell in love with his bulgy eyes so I obliged. Here he is with a handle bar moustache.  Shocked kind of wispy moustache. Some conventional cutesy bunny features like the fluffly tail […]

Despicable Me Minion Craze

There was a bit of a minion craze last year after the hype of the despicable me 2 movie ( which I have watched way to many times now! I’d still watch it again :)). Some of our friends renamed it the minion movie which I suppose going by the minion craze that followed was […]

Crochet Despicable Me Minion

A few weeks after I started crocheting I embarked on probably one of the biggest projects I’ve taken on so far. I saw a free pattern for a large minion posted on all about ami , a very inspiring crochet blog. All about ami does a step by step photo blog here and the above […]

Baby mittens

It’s baby season! A friend of mine just had a baby boy! I’ve seen on Pinterest lately the cutest booties, mittens, hats and all items of crocheted goodies, that I couldn’t resist making something. Since another friend bought a pair of booties, I decided to make a pair of mittens to match the colours of […]

Baby Aviator hat

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of cute baby beanies on Pinterest. I’m really loving the baby aviators recently and since my friends have just had a baby boy, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make one! I did a few searches online and came across this pattern from Sticky little fingers. I […]

Crochet Giggle and Hoot Pattern

Giggle and Hoot as become such a popular kids segment. I always seem to see some sort of merchandising around. I suppose it doesn't help that I walk past the ABC shop often and I visit my nieces and nephews generally in the afternoon/ evening when its on. One of our friends recently had a […]