Quick update

Past couple of weeks have been busy, difficult and sad. First of all work has been super duper busy. Which is a good thing for us I suppose but it leaves no time for crafting or blogging. More time for eating though! So more restaurant outing posts to come! Out of necessity we’ve found some gems.

Difficult and sad because our grandpa was sick and unfortunately passed away.  He was getting better and then passed in his sleep. It was a bit of a shock and very sad but after the funeral I feel like I have a bit of closure.


Now I never like to end things on a negative so here is a scrumptious pic of an extremely naughty dessert we had.

Our friend was trying to carbo load for an upcoming run so we made him waffles covered in melted Mars bar and crushed Oreo, served with triple choc ice cream and fresh strawberries. We had no such excuse, no upcoming run or anything, we just had a naughty naughty snack with him 🙂


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