Work has been really flat out for the last couple weeks and after work we’ve been catching up with friends so I haven’t had a much time for hobbies lately.

We even worked through the last weekend 😦 but on the up side, work has been really close to a spotliiiiiiiiggght! There have been sales on too!

I think I may have gone a tiny bit overboard but oh how I love yarn!

Wool Haul

My yarn haul!!

Quite a haul! I actually didn’t realise there were so many until I piled them all together to take the photo ;). So a quick run through of the plans I have in store for this lovely yarn.

Starting from the top the blue and cream (5 ply) are for a request to make a blue mario shell, the red (12 ply)  is for a pattern idea for a beanie, the 3 balls of cheakheaton wool blend are for some gloves, the grey and blue gelato is for a scarf I’m working on (there are actually 2 more but i’m using them already, 2 balls of passioknit wool in green are for another beanie I love the colour! The 3 balls of bamboo cotton on the left and the 3 flurry balls in the front are for a lamb amigurimi I planned to make for my nephew. The passioknit blue is for a pair of slippers and the dark purple (it looks red in the picture ) 8 ply pure wool is for a beanie i’m making for my auntie.

The last one will probably be the hardest to decide on. My aunt has curly hair and has worn it the same way ever since I was a kid so I need to find one that suits her style. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks now.

spotlight yarn aisle

Sitting amongst the yarn, I was writing out the projects I had in mind 😉

Here are a couple of my works in progress. The scarf is going to take ages! Should have gotten a couple of extra balls of yarn and not used such a small hook.

Scarf WIP

WIP Scarf for K!

Mary Jane slipppers WIP

Work in progress, Mary Jane Slippers

Hope I have time to finish all the beanies before winter is over! It’s been so cold I really could use them right now.


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