Beschico – Epping

Beschico has been a frequent late night haunt for us, it’s an awesome place to get Korean fried chicken. The restaurant is situated across from Epping station, it has a large dining area comprised of booths on the side, sofas near the front of the restaurant and a regular table dining area in the middle. Beschico is open until midnight on most nights much later than KFC and a tastier choice.

You gotta love the super crispy batter that stays crunchy even when covered in sauce. The secret, as so many Korean fried chicken lovers know, is because it’s been double fried.

Korean-fried-chciken-eppingOur big plate of fried chicken (Chico hot drummettes). Fantastically crunchy pieces of chicken smothered in sauce . Don’t you just want to rush out there for a plate right now?! I know I do!

My next favourite korean food is Dduboki! So glad that places like two two and Mad fo chicks have started putting this in with their fried chicken as well.Dbubuki

This plate of saucy goodness looks spicy hot but if you can take a bit of chilli, It’s not too bad, I don’t like chilli because of the burn and this one doesn’t. Well unless you’re like K and inhale your food. On the menu its the Chicken Bbok Gi.

Lastly our chicken fried rice. Oddly this is why we came back this time,

K wanted to have this fried rice again.Chicken-fried-rice-1200

Pickled radish, one of the things I love about eating at korean places are the side dishes and the pickled radish really helps with the burn as the spiciness starts to build up.




2/41 Beecroft Rd, Epping NSW 2121

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 3pm-midnight
Sat 11am-midnight
Sun 11am-10pm


Beschico on Urbanspoon


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