Crochet Rose and Bow patterns

Another set of baby gifts, this time for 2 little girls. We were having a ladies catch up lunch and its been so long since we all caught up there have been 2 new additions to our little group. Since they were both girls I decided to make little hair accessories. I’d only seen a picture of one of the cute bubbas and she has heaps of hair! I didn’t realise the other one is pretty much still bold. So if you try making these, make a headband as well. Crocheted-Bow+rose They’re threaded onto bobby pins but you can hot glue them onto anything or make bands for them.

Little bow pattern I made this up as a went along so there aren’t many progress photos and please let me know if you find any errors.

Chain 9

R1: Sc in the 2nd ch from hook, Sc 7, ch-1 turn

R2-R14: Sc 8, ch-1 turn

R15: sl st , Sc 6, sl st, ch-1 turn

R16: sl st , Sc 4, sl st, ch-1 turn

R17-R18: Sc 4, ch-1 turn

R19: 2 Sc , Sc 4, 2 Sc, ch-1 turn

R20: 2 Sc , Sc 6, 2 Sc, ch-1 turn

R21-R33: Sc 8, ch-1 turn Bow-almost-finished Edging: sl st around the entire bow. This will smooth out the edges and make it curve inwards. Fasten off and leave a very long tail. unfinished-bowSew the ends together. Pinch in the middle of the bow sew it together with one or two stitches. Using the long tail crochet a ribbon (*Sc 2, ch-1 turn* until it can reach around the middle). Wrap the band around the middle and sew it together. Add any finishing touches and attach to a hair clip. Crocheted-Bow Rose pattern. I found the rose pattern here on Hille knits. There are leaves that go with the rose but I didn’t have a suitable green in my stash. My first time crocheting one of these roll up roses, its a nice way to do a rose. I long start off though, 51 chains! starting-chains Row 1, foundation building and making it start to curve. Row1 Rows 3 and 4 , more curving and the petals!


  Roll up the ends and sew together at the bottom.



I blocked them after I finished and dried them with a blow dryer.



If you try these please send me your photos or link to your blogs. I’d love to see your creations too!


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