Introducing Monsieur googly eyes

Monsieur googly eyes, an egg shaped bunny. My friend Odes, requested very excitedly for me to make this odd looking bunny. She absolutely fell in love with his bulgy eyes so I obliged.


Here he is with a handle bar moustache. 


Shocked kind of wispy moustache.


Some conventional cutesy bunny features like the fluffly tail and leaf shape bunny ears.

The googly eyes makes me want to make the flying pigs from invader zim.

Process photos in my next post.
Thanks for stopping by!




  1. machinegunmama · · Reply

    He does remind me of that cartoon! Very cute 🙂

    1. Thanks! I think I’ll have to put something invader zim on the project list 🙂

      1. machinegunmama · ·


  2. […] Monsieur googly eyes! He is still sitting at home waiting to go to his new home =) […]

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