Despicable Me Minion Craze

There was a bit of a minion craze last year after the hype of the despicable me 2 movie ( which I have watched way to many times now! I’d still watch it again :)). Some of our friends renamed it the minion movie which I suppose going by the minion craze that followed was pretty fair.

Even though I had already made myself the large minion (blog post here) there are never enough minions right?

So these are a few of the minion related things I made last year.

Large minion


Mini minion

I made this guy using a pattern from Sweet N’ Cute Creations. The goggles I made a smaller version of the large minion googles.


Here he is just chilling out at a restaurant

He has a little ‘S’ to signify that he now works for my friend SMS 🙂

Minion hat

This is my cute nephew wearing the minion hat I made for his minion themed birthday party last year. Oh those cheeks!! 


Minion hat on my very cute nephew 🙂

Minion birthday cake

This was the minion birthday cake I made for the party. My first try at putting fondant on a cake! It was tough. Well second try technically.. First try on the same cake did not looks pretty, there was cracking and chocolate ice everywhere! 


Minion cake and jelly!

The cake was a big hit! The kids were all so excited to see the cake,  then they’d run off and come back for another look in a few minutes. Be warned if you try this, the kiddies started eating the little hairs off his head as soon as we took the cover off.

I love all the little minion toys around and the minion jelly cups my sister made. She also made some goodie bags and minion-ified some of the gifts ( bag and bubble blower). It was so clever, she thinks of the most ingenious things!

Lastly just a funny story about our prep for this minion party. My sister had called the cinemas to ask if we could take some of the minion signs that were promoting the movie. They stopped showing the movie already so a lot of the cinemas were sending the signs back to universal studios.

She managed to find another minion enthusiast at universal that found a cinema which had not sent their signs back yet and told them we were going to come pick it up.

I was unaware of which signs we were picking up and thought my sister was just being cautious when we borrowed my dad’s van ( a hiace) to go get them.

Turns out these signs were the huge ones!! about 2m tall by 1.5m wide and a tall triangular one that was about 1.8-2m tall. We got a lot of curious looks when carrying them through the shopping centre and riding down the escalators. That was a fun day 🙂


The triangle despicable me sign we picked up.

Hope you enjoyed my minion themed projects! Link me to your projects too.



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