Crochet Despicable Me Minion

A few weeks after I started crocheting I embarked on probably one of the biggest projects I’ve taken on so far. I saw a free pattern for a large minion posted on all about ami , a very inspiring crochet blog.

All about ami does a step by step photo blog here and the above link is to her full detailed pattern.

Even with the photo blog warning I did not know what I was in for! This little guy had so many little details that make him awesome!

Let’s just say that his awesomeness and my enthusiasm to finish it had a price.. I started getting a bit of RSI. I didn’t crochet for probably a month or 2 after making him but looking at him now, especially since I’ve started crocheting a lot again,  he was well worth the discomfort.

The only things I did differently to the pattern was to put in googly eyes instead of felt, I didn’t do the eyelids ( mostly because of RSI but also because the googly eyes were so big it wouldn’t have sat right) and I didn’t spike his hair.. I like how it’s a bit uneven and long.

This is how he sat on my shelf for a bit over a year. I was too afraid to give him a mouth incase I stuffed up the overall look.


And just recently I decided he deserves to be finished so I finally put a little mouth on him.


Well I suppose it is a big smile 🙂

Hope you like my minion as much as I do! Currently he’s just minion. I’d love any name suggestions for him.

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. machinegunmama · · Reply

    I love it! His goggles are great 🙂

    1. Thank you! The goggles are removable 🙂

      1. machinegunmama · ·

        How sweet is that!

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