Two Two Korean fried chicken – Chatswood

Two Two Korean chicken

Two Two Korean chicken

Walking around Chatswood we noticed this place on the corner of anderson and victoria ave. Attached to the Korean restaurant next door, it is an open and colourful restaurant selling street food.

Two two is a a popular fried chicken fast food chain in Korea. Fried chicken has become a big part of Korean culture and has become famous for their “KFC” aka “Korean Fried Chicken” . The cooking process of Korean Fried Chicken is what distinguishes this fried chicken from any other. The pieces of chicken are cooked via a double frying process, rendering out the fat from under the skin leaving it thin and crispy and leaving the meat succulent and tender.

Right at the top of their menu is fried chicken! Dduboki is also a favourite of mine but since we just had dinner there wasn’t any room left to try both.

Small fried chicken at two two

Small fried chicken

Here’s K ready to chow down on his small sized fried chicken. I was very pleased to find a few bits of fried rice cake in the mix too.. om nom nom nom. The chicken was nice and crispy, covered in the deliciously sticky sweet and spicy sauce.

Chicken on display at two two

All the other yummy goodies they had to offer.

Two Two Korean Chicken

Two Two Korean Chicken

Definitely a place we’ll be paying another visit to.

If anyone else visits this place please send me photos or link me to your blog if you have one.

Thanks for stopping by!


Visited: June 2014

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  1. […] next favourite korean food is Dduboki! So glad that places like two two and Mad fo chicks have started putting this in with their fried chicken as […]

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