More Macarons: Pandan and Coconut flavour and Black Sesame

A couple of weeks ago we had a birthday gathering for K’s grandma. I’ve been meaning to try making pandan and coconut macarons for a while now but after the blitz of making heaps of macarons last year we where a little over eating macarons.

I did a search online and came across so many variations! There was one that just used store bought kaya as the filling, I think that would have tasted great but would’ve been too sweet for me after having one. So I settled on a recipe from cakeisthenewblack. This recipe didn’t use pandan leaves just the extract, I haven’t been able to find any pandan leaves in the shops, coconut milk and not too much dessicated coconut which I’m not a fan of but was contemplating adding for the texture.

As I was rummaging around my pantry for my pandan extract I came across a bag of black sesame and decided to try making some black sesame ganache too. Black sesame is one of my favourite flavours!

We used the same macaron recipe as on my previous post simple macarons.We added pandan extract to both the shells and the ganache to make it extra pandan-y.

Neat rows of shells ready for baking. We added some of the black sesame to the shell to see if they’d look good. J said they looked like ants, but they did end up looking quite good.

Ganache recipes

Pandan and coconut

50g coconut milk
pandan extract (I added 3-3.5tsp )
90g white chocolate ( I used the nestle white chocolate melts)
35g unsalted butter, softened
5g dessicated coconut

Black Sesame

50g coconut milk
80g white chocolate
2tbsp of black sesame

  1. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave (or a bain marie)
  2. Add the butter and mix well
  3. Slowly add the coconut milk.
  4. Then add the rest of the ingredients and mix throughly.
  5. leave in the fridge to chill and set.

Yummy macarons ready for the party! And of course mini macarons for “taste testing” =)

Enjoy! and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hope you liked the recipe! 🙂
    Eugenia – Cake is the New Black

    1. Thanks Eugenia! The recipe was great!

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