Monthly Archives: May 2014

More Macarons: Pandan and Coconut flavour and Black Sesame

A couple of weeks ago we had a birthday gathering for K’s grandma. I’ve been meaning to try making pandan and coconut macarons for a while now but after the blitz of making heaps of macarons last year we where a little over eating macarons. I did a search online and came across so many […]

Bridge St Garage

We heard about this place from a friend of ours. She’s American and is always on the lookout for great American style restaurants. The place was packed out on a Friday night. The front of the restaurant was deck out with high tables and tall bar stools giving it more of a bar feeling and […]

Baby Aviator hat

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of cute baby beanies on Pinterest. I’m really loving the baby aviators recently and since my friends have just had a baby boy, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make one! I did a few searches online and came across this pattern from Sticky little fingers. I […]