Crochet Giggle and Hoot Pattern

Giggle and Hoot as become such a popular kids segment. I always seem to see some sort of merchandising around. I suppose it doesn't help that I walk past the ABC shop often and I visit my nieces and nephews generally in the afternoon/ evening when its on.

One of our friends recently had a Hoot themed birthday party for their one year old so I found a hoot pattern online. I did a search through a few sites but they all seemed to lead back to the one pattern. Thanks to Six little mice for providing this free hoot pattern. As always I changed a little of the pattern so it would look the way i wanted it to.

I didn't take photos of when I finished each piece but this photo below is after I sewed on each of the appendages but before putting on the face. I sewed the little heart on by doing the black lines directly onto the body but I think it would have looked a better if the heart was a little more to the right. Next time I'll tack it on first and make sure its in the right place. (Same goes with the Eyes!)

I'm a bit of a tight crocheter so when I was closing up the head, in my opinion it looked a bit strange so I'll be adding in a few extra rows if I make another Hoot.

Heres the finished Hoot! He ended up being around 15cm tall.

I made up the beak as I went along so I don't have the pattern for it but if someone really wants it then leave me a comment and I'll try to duplicate what I did and write it up.

He was really fun to make. Thanks for stopping by!



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